News and Events

Thanks to all of you who expressed your willingness to help Tom and I after the tornado.  We are getting affairs back in order with rebuilding, repairing and clean-up. 

Welcoming In 2016

This year marks the twenty-second anniversary of operating the studio/gallery. During those years, it has gone through many face lifts and changes much like Manzanita itself and has showcased the talents of many local and regional artists.  As Manzanita continues luring travelers to stop and visit, the gallery also strives to offer visitors art of high quality, originality and affordability.

New Creations

Besides Tom McCallum’s amazing stained glass fish sculptures he produces, he has been “playing around” with recycled musical instruments resulting in tables and wall hangings that have garnered much attention and initiated lots of personal stories by viewers.

I have been spending time exploring clay with a great group of fellow creatives at our local clay studio at the Hoffman Center for the Arts and have since become a volunteer host. My intent was to combine pottery with basketry so hand building became my focus. I now have a few completed pieces that show the possibilities and I’m excited to try other ideas.

Tornado Lands in Manzanita, Oregon October 14, 2016

The strange, alarming sound emitting from Tom’s cell phone signaled a message that there was ” a tornado alert in your immediate area…take cover” just as my cell phone cried out the same. We were in the upstairs bedroom at the time when Tom read, with question, the message aloud to me. The immense build-up of wind and roar hit with a vengeance at 8:18 a.m., and along with the bumping and thudding, an obvious increase of pressure could be felt building up. I could feel the house torquing and then the west window in our bathroom blasted inward with the wind carrying glass and debris in front of us eastward to the opposite side of the room blowing out that window as well. If it were not for a closet wall blocking us, we for sure would have been injured.

The studio gallery was not damaged and I hope to get  things in order so that I can open up as soon as possible. As damaged as the property was, I have a new outdoor canvas to  design and am looking forward to its creation.

The first look

The first look




The front yard

The front yard

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