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Welcome Summer 2021

This last May marked the twenty-seventh anniversary of operating the 4th Street Studio and Gallery.  It would have been more eventful if not for the pandemic causing me to close down to the public.  However, it did afford me time to finish projects, begin new ones, and weave basketry pieces for a show at the Hoffman Center for the Arts running the month of  July 2021.  Now that mandates have been lessened or eliminated, the village of Manzanita and the surrounding area has become a busy hub of tourist activities once again.  As Manzanita continues luring travelers to stop and visit, the gallery also strives to offer visitors art of high quality, originality and affordability.

For the past six years, I have been exploring clay with a great group of fellow creatives at our local clay studio at the Hoffman Center for the Arts. I was encouraged to participate in a workshop making masks from a clay slab.  It was an instant attraction.   I intended to eventually combine pottery and basketry into unified pieces. Hand building became my focus to create forms that supported the addition of natural materials. By September 2018, I had seventeen pieces to be shown in a group show at the Hoffman Center for the Arts.  They were very well received and I was encouraged to continue exploring pottery forms with fiber.





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